About us

Czech wushu federation was found to bring many schools of chinese martial arts in Czech Republic together.

Our goal is cooperation between all schools in Czech Republic, as well as in other countries and propagation of wushu / kungfu.

Czech Wushu Federation members represent our country in national and international wushu competitions including european and world championships in traditional and modern styles, taiji and sanda.

Czech Wushu Federation is the official member of European Wushu Federation and International Wushu Federation.

Czech Wushu Federation is also only official representant of wushu/kungfu recognized by Czech Olympic Committee.

We regularly organize national and international competitions for children, youths and adults in traditional taolu, modern taolu, taiji and sanda disciplines.

We actively fight against doping.

Why to join Czech Wushu Federation:

  • get recent information from international federations
  • methodic support of schools in federation
  • methodic of training program in wushu/kungfu
  • possibility of representation of Czech Republic
  • attend Czech and international competitions
  • participation in the decision-making about future progress of federation, as a member of federation general meeting.